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Admiral Case Study – Mind, Body & Soul

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Natural Living have a long-standing relationship with Admiral Design & Print.

We thought we would ask the event organisers Natural Living, how working with us benefits their business and why they keeps coming back for more.

Can you describe Natural Living’s Mind, Body & Soul events?
Our Mind, Body & Soul events are a safe and supportive environment within which you can experience tasters and gather information on all forms of complementary medicine, holistic healing and alternative spirituality.

How long have you been hosting Mind, Body & Soul?
We took over in 2005 and have expanded it since.

How do you prepare for the events?
We have a long lead-time into each event. Many things need to be settled with the venue, the local authority and with potential advertising quite a way in advance. The pace intensifies as the event date approaches. Everything must be planned to the last detail.

What kind of attendance do you have?
We average a footfall of 1000+ visitors to each event, many of whom come early and stay all day.

You hold these events around the country. How did you choose your venues?
The criteria for venue choice are very specific and without one of the key elements it doesn’t seem to work. We believe the best venues are those with name recognition, but often they are the most difficult to secure.

Why do you freshen your brand, and how often?
We refreshed the Natural Living brand from the previous owners when we took over in 2005, developed the brand incrementally over the following years and settled on a new overall brand image at the end of 2011. We make slight refinements each year.

How has Admiral helped you do that?
Faye, Jan and the team have been integral to our ongoing brand management. They have originated concepts, worked closely with us to develop our ideas and executed precise artwork instructions. Everything is worked to a time critical deadline, sometimes required ‘yesterday’. Admiral has always performed.

What is your history with Admiral?
We have dealt with them since they began.

What is the scope of work that Admiral has produced for you?
Admiral have produced everything from Books, Illustrations, Flyers, Large Format Banners, Web Graphics, Branding and Logos, Forms, Stickers, Adverts, Posters, Signage, CD inserts.

How have you found working with Admiral?
They are clear, transparent, can see problems before they occur and always deliver what they promise. They can be relied upon.

To learn more about the Mind, Body & Soul events, please visit:

It's great to have a fabulous working relationship with clients like Natural Living, who provide realistic timescales, clear schedules and instructions and creative challenges that we love to meet head on. They have learnt over time from repeated positive experience that they can trust us with every task they bring to the plate. The scope and diversity of the different items we have produced for Natural Living make them a very interesting client to have on our books and we are proud to have built such a strong relationship with them. Natural Living knows that they have the backing of over 64 years of creative experience and talent at Admiral supporting them every step of the way.

Everyone can benefit from a strong creative team behind them. You can be sure that if you meet with us you will be so well looked after you will wonder how you managed without us.

Everything is worked to a time critical deadline, sometimes required ‘yesterday’. Admiral has always performed.

The Natural Living Team

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