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Blog – Category: Quality

Are you being served? - The importance of customer service

Are you being served? Great customer service is often difficult to define in a single sentence. People talk these days about the “customer experience”. This can range from the warmth of the initial greeting right through to the thank you for... Read More

Mon 28th September 2015 by Jeff

Getting Started: Choosing the right paper weight and finish for your business printing

Choosing the right paper weight and finish can be tricky as there’s so much to choose from. Paper weight, or paper ‘grade’, can say a lot more about your company than you may think. Generally speaking, heavier paper conveys a sense of quality and... Read More

Mon 20th July 2015 by Ash

How are you facing the challenges of 2014? It’s like shoe shopping…

Are you stepping forward in the same shoes as the year before? You can patch them up if they leak can’t you? When was the last time you looked at your website, your logo, your stationery, your marketing strategy? You may think you are saving... Read More

Wed 19th February 2014 by The Admiral (not verified)