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Blog – Category: Branding

Promotional Notepads: A sure-fire boost for your brand and business

Promotional Notepads: How will they benefit your business? One product that almost all customers have a need for is a promotional note pad. It’s handy to have a notepad there when you need to jot down some notes, remember a number or just to... Read More

Mon 7th September 2015 by The Admiral (not verified)

What does your business card say about you?

3 ways to make your business card stand out The business card is the most important tool you can use in the world of business. Business cards are an effective way to share your details with clients and suppliers, and communicate your brand,... Read More

Mon 24th August 2015 by Ash

Getting Down to Business: Five Design & Print Essentials for Any New Start-Up Business

Starting a new business can be one of the most challenging things you will have to do. From identifying your customers and developing your products and services to selecting an appropriate brand, there are a myriad of boxes to tick and often very... Read More

Mon 27th July 2015 by Ash

Getting Started: Choosing the right paper weight and finish for your business printing

Choosing the right paper weight and finish can be tricky as there’s so much to choose from. Paper weight, or paper ‘grade’, can say a lot more about your company than you may think. Generally speaking, heavier paper conveys a sense of quality and... Read More

Mon 20th July 2015 by Ash

CLDF Challenge

Design Solutions for Charities: Helping the Children’s Liver Disease Foundation to raise their profile We all know that charities work really hard during the year to raise funds. CLDF (Children’s Liver Disease Foundation) is no exception and... Read More

Mon 13th July 2015 by Jan

Getting Started with Business Branding

Choosing the right image for your company brand is vital. You need to be able to confidently put your business ‘out there’, knowing that your brand gives the right impression and attract the right sort of interest. Not only that, your business... Read More

Tue 30th June 2015 by The Admiral (not verified)

Look good and stand out: The importance of quality business stationery

Does your business stationery make you look good? Your business stationery sends out an important message about your company. A matching set of letterheads, compliments slips and business cards demonstrates professionalism and quality. Care and... Read More

Fri 25th July 2014 by The Admiral (not verified)

Admiral Explains: Three ways to strengthen your brand

You and your staff have many of the answers needed to keep you ahead of the competition. You just need to have the right approach and ask the right questions. By putting these three easy steps into place, you can give your business a stronger... Read More

Mon 23rd September 2013 by Jan