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You generate over 6000 thoughts per day. Capture the inspired and intriguing ones in a handy notebook . . . or is it a thoughtbook?

Ideas, concepts, goals, plans, agendas and dreams are just some of the thoughts that can shape your business and you as an individual.

An idea or thought can grab you anywhere at any time of day. It can change the way you do business, improve your lifestyle, be the foundation of your next blog or Instagram post. Who knows? But you must get your thoughts down quick in a notebook, so you can remember them and action them later.

Our printed notebooks are a really handy companion and come in A5 and A6 sizes. The crisp white pages can be supplied blank, with ruled or grid lines – you can even personalise them if you like.

Fancy a bespoke, stylish notebook?

Notebooks vary in style when it comes to finishing. They can be wirobound or saddle stitched. If the budget allows, we can contrast stitch against the colour of the covers… imagine a bright red cover with white stitching to the spine, this gives a real handmade feel to the product. What about selecting an embossed finished cover on a coloured board to complement your brand? We can guide you through options and create something unique for you.

Make a notebook work for you.

  • A notebook can be a useful tool for your staff. Encourage them to fill it with suggestions about improving products or come up with ideas to support their personal development. At over 6000 ideas per person, per day, they could capture a few game changing ideas for your business.
  • Give quality branded notebooks to your customers and they will notice you every time they make an entry. You’ll probably find that they will ask for a replacement when they’ve finished with it which will keep your business that little bit closer to them.
    What do you want your brand message to say in front of your customers? Our design team can help you and supply you with a printed sample to help the project along.

Let’s put our thinking caps on and help you promote your business . . . we’re all the help you need.

If you are based locally, in Wellingborough, Kettering, Corby or Northampton, we are more than happy to drop by and discuss any of your future projects and show you a sample or two.

Alternatively, give Admiral Design and Print a call on 01933 44 34 55


Posted by Jan


Tue 26th July 2022


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