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Stand out on desks all year round with a beskpoke shaped coaster

Coasters traditionally come in square and circular shapes, which is fine, but could they be more noticeable and more distinctive? The answer is yes.

Our lightweight foamex, at 2mm thick, is the ideal material for customising coasters. Flat sheets of foamex are printed in full colour and then router cut to any shape you like. Obviously the shape will need to allow for the glass and mug base diameters adequately.

Fun shapes make it a coaster like no other

Speech bubbles could be used to drop key messages around the office, thought bubbles can contain inspirational quotes and emojis could add the fun factor. You could even create caricature faces with hairstyles cut to shape! Let us design something unique for your brand – the more you stand out from the crowd, the better.

Make the coaster part of a set of promotional giveaways

Your coasters could be part of a goodie bag that you give out at shows when you are exhibiting, or presented to customers as a thank you after a first order. Desk pads, note pads, branded pens, calendars and mugs, all of which can be produced by Admiral Design and Print, can come together with the coasters to give your brand some great exposure.

Preparing a customised coaster shape

Thinking of designing a coaster yourself? Then it might be worth speaking to our artwork team at the studio. We can give you advice and guidance on how to prepare artwork for printing, especially when it comes to creating the unique shape, as this will require a few simple steps to follow, to make sure the production process runs smoothly.

Add some personality to your print with Admiral Design and Print – we’re all the help you need.

If you are based locally, in Wellingborough, Kettering, Corby or Northampton, we are more than happy to drop by and discuss any of your future projects and show you a sample or two.

Alternatively, give Admiral Design and Print a call on 01933 44 34 55

Posted by Jan


Tue 12th July 2022


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