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Posters that POP – in any size you like.

Our standard poster sizes are A4, A3, A2, A1 and A0. You can also specify a size that’s tailored to the space you have available.

So whether you are promoting events, concerts, public service information or book clubs for example (see our blog image) we can make your promotion “Pop” in front of your audience and cater for the many different sized spaces that are available to you for display.

So what does “pop” mean?

Well, it’s become a familiar term in the industry, between creative directors, artworkers, marketers and now the clients.

So when someone asks, I want the posters to “Pop”, this is what they mean . . .

I want the posters to;

• stand out
• be eye-catching
• use a creative pallete of colours
• have the wow factor
• be visually compelling
• contain strong messages.

So in order to carry this through, getting the colour, paper selection and trimming right is a must. Whatever the poster’s message you can be sure Admiral Design and Print will play its part and print it to perfection so that your poster makes a great first impression on your audience.

Make your posters look good at any size

Part of our service includes checking that the artwork supplied is suitable for print, particularly those jobs that go beyond A3 in size. Remember, if you are going to publish the posters across A4, A3, A2, A1 and A0 sizes, start by creating your artwork in the biggest size you need. This way you will cover yourself for the smaller formats, in terms of resolution. Do it the other way and you run the risk of the design not having enough resolution to look good in large format. If you need any advice on preparing files, just give us a call.

Poster tubes – clearly marked and secure

If you need the posters circulated to different addresses, we are happy to help with this too.

If you are running a campaign with various sorts of posters, where the artwork differs, we will identify the packaging (normally cardboard tubes) with small printed visuals to help with identifying the contents when the posters reach their destination.

Unleash the power of posters in your promotional activity and feel free to ask us for advice or a sample.

If you are based locally, in Wellingborough, Kettering, Corby or Northampton, we are more than happy to drop by and discuss your project with you.

Admiral Design and Print: 01933 44 34 55 – We’re all the help you need.

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