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Are you under estimating the power of a good brochure?

While in-bound marketing can be affective it relies on your potential customers "finding or being attracted to" your website. There is a great deal of investment required to keep your website top of the rankings and getting online adverts to appear in the right places and appeal to the right buyers. Web designers, SEO experts, content writers, pay per click campaign managers etc, etc are all required on a regular basis.

Ask yourself, do potential customers look beyond page 1 and 2 in search findings? Is there a perception that if you don't appear top of the rankings that your business is in some way less credible or affective than those above you? Can you compete or outspend your competitors to improve your online presence?

Should you be looking to invest in a brochure to work in harmony with your in-bound marketing strategy?

Now, for just a fraction of the typical in-bound marketing budget you can put yourself in front of your targets with a well designed brochure with the following advantages:

  • Your brochure can be targeted and delivered to "an influencer or decision maker" You have found them, they haven’t found you.
  • Can serve to drive potential clients to your website.
  • A well thought out design will get read, get circulated, get you noticed and be kept.
  • With a few special finishes a brochure can ooze quality and capture attention for that little bit longer so your audience gets time to engage with your key messages. (Our special finishes include; Foil blocking, Spot varnishing, Laser cutting, Embossing and Laminating).

A brochure can illuminate your business in different ways..... it can be unique in shape, use interesting papers and boards making it tactile and interesting to touch and include special finishes like foil blocking, embossing and varnishes to highlite key messages – making the most of what websites can’t do.

Boost online traffic with a great brochure

These days digital printing presses can be produce low volume print runs with all the quality you need to test the market. Why not send 200 brochures out and measure the impact? The chances are 1 or 2 orders will pay for the investment and then you are in to turning a profit. If you look at google analytics you will probably notice an increase in traffic to your website as a result of the mailing.... a brochure is a great way to boost traffic.

Is it time for some “creative inking”? – Get Admiral Design and Print on board, we’re here to help you win more business.

Our blog image for this article shows a series of brochure spreads for RJC Plant Hire who are based in Higham Ferrers, close to Wellingborough. RJC are using their brochure to showcase their fleet and services to prospects all over the UK.

Sarah White, designer and account manager at Admiral Design and Print worked with RJC Plant Hire to create the 16 page A4 brochure. Sarah says, “RJC wanted to work with a local experienced company who could supply samples, mock-ups and advice on content design. There’s a clear business benefit to meeting clients in person, in a way, its almost essential because you get time to brainstorm, consider materials and of course, talk about the brief”.

Here’s what RJC Plant Hire had to say about Admiral:

It was a pleasure working with the Design team at Admiral. They gave us confidence right from the start with clear proposals, samples and ideas for our brochure”.

Admiral Design and Print will give you all the help you need to get your brochure project off the ground. If you are based locally, in Wellingborough, Kettering or Northampton, we are more than happy to drop a few samples off to you. Alternatively, give Admiral Design and Print a call on 01933 44 34 55 or drop in to our design studio in Wellingborough, Northamptonshire to find out more.

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