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Our typography improves your return on print investment. Here's how.

We don’t overlook the influence that typography can have on the design of your marketing and promotional items. Our designer’s will let your copy flow and speak to the reader so that you get the most out of your print investment.

At Admiral Design and Print we look to communicate clearly and effectively by creating designs that are not only true to the message, but enhance the content through well thought out typography.

We want your marketing messages to create a lasting impression, and it’s simply not enough to rely on photographs, illustrations and diagrams.

Behind the scenes, your copy should be working hard to stand out, convey your brand accurately and be reassuringly understood by the reader.

Here are a few ways we make your message stand out from the crowd:

  • Key messages are allowed to breathe.
    We wont let designs suffocate your copy with busy backgrounds or try to force the messages into available spaces between images – we create spaces for messages – and are brave enough to be generous with space.
  • Type size, leading and line length can make all the difference.
    This will help the reader pay more attention and can help reduce eye strain.
  • We consider typefaces carefully so that they convey the feeling and impression you are after.
    As a general rule of thumb, we do not choose more than two typefaces for your headings and bodytext in your communications. However, we will look to integrate a more creative use of type to improve key messages.

Dont limit your imagination to what you see on your PC.

Most people know about the Serif, Sans Serif, Script and Hand lettering typefaces available to them on their PC. What they might not know is that there are 100s of new typefaces being created every year. Have a look around, and you might find a more unique typeface to complement your brand.

Print with personality, gets you noticed!

We aim to find a “personality” for your copy. What I mean by this is, the copy can be distinctive and recognizable as yours. Of course, our designers will influence this by experimenting with different typefaces and looking at the best way to compose them with other elements.

When a combination of typefaces are found that complements and integrates with your message, you have gone some considerable way to finding a “voice of your own”, that is unique to you which can be applied to a range of different printing materials:

  • Brochures & Leaflets
  • Exhibition graphics
  • Large format posters
  • Catalogues, Training and Instruction Manuals
  • Direct Mail

If you have a project coming up, get in touch with one of our design team – we’re here to help, give advice, and understand your business. Give Admiral Design and Print a call on 01933 44 34 55 or drop into our design studio in Wellingborough, Northamptonshire to find out more.

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