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Showcase your products with a bespoke catalogue

Showcase your products with a bespoke catalogue

A high-impact catalogue can deliver a tangible sales tool while making your customer feel “invested in”.

Receiving a catalogue is personal, and when it’s personal it will get your customers attention – unlike e-shots that can be deleted from an inbox or become easily forgotten. Is there a part for the catalogue to play in your business? Do you want to “go and get the business” or are you content for business “to find you”. I think the answer is: your business needs both.

Here’s how Admiral Design and Print can work with you to create a catalogue that adds value to your business.

Leave a lasting impression

We aim to engage your customer as quickly as possible by giving them a front cover design that makes them want to open up and take a look. You might be surprised to learn that a potential customer will make a “YES, this is for me” or “NO, this is not for me” decision in about 3 seconds which is why investing in good design is essential. As you turn the page you will want the customer to experience a clear and well thought out catalogue with simple navigation and a strong brand message.

OK, so you’ve grabbed the customer’s attention, what next?

Let your customers know how helpful you are and how straightforward it is to do business with you.

  • Can they complete an order form in the catalogue?
  • Can they call to place an order over the phone?
  • Can they buy online?
  • Can they get advice from someone who knows the products inside out?

Have you ever stood in a queue in a department store and got fed up, then thought, I can’t be bothered? This is exactly what we don’t want customers to do. Keep your buying process simple and straightforward.

Can your brand be trusted?  Of course it can!

Reassurance is a must for your customer – make them feel that they are in capable hands. Let them know about your experience, history and what your company stands for.

If you couple this information with detail of your delivery options, returns policy and guarantee you will give your customer confidence and a much better browsing experience.

Now it’s time to make your products shine

Why is the layout of your catalogue important?

Your catalogue is a shopping experience for your customer; The cover is your shop front. Think about the first impression you want to make and about how you can draw your customers inside.

Once they are engaged make sure you hold their attention. Studies have shown that a person will spend an average of 3 seconds per page when browsing. Something a little different every few pages like using a full page to advertise some of your best selling products or great offers this can stop your customer in their tracks and make them spend a little extra time browsing your catalogue.

Why it’s important not to clutter products on a page

Make life easier for your customers and they are more likely to buy from you. By over cluttering your pages not only are you making your products too small and your pages uneasy on the eye, but you risk confusing your customers and they are more likely to just give up and shop elsewhere.  Your catalogue should be easy to shop from with a clear product image, description and price.

Consider image quality long before you start the layout work

Lets face it - would you buy something when the only thing you have to go by is a small, dark, fuzzy image? Your images should be hi res and should show your products in the best way possible. This will be one of the main reasons your customers will want to buy the product.

Make them shine!

Special offers get noticed more on a right hand page

Eye tracking studies have shown that in a large percentage of people, the eye is drawn to the right hand corner first when browsing a catalogue. This is because a lot of people flick through from the back to front when first looking through their new catalogue. So what better place to put your offers? Grab their attention straight away and stop them in their tracks.

If you are planning a catalogue why not spend a few moments on the phone with our new designer Catherine. Catherine joined us from Avon Cosmetics, where she created page designs for their UK catalogue. We can offer excellent advice on your Design and Print, and samples and costings are always available on request.

Why not get in touch today on 01933 443455. If you’re in Wellingborough, Northampton, Kettering or Northants, please feel free to pop in and visit us!

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