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Your Networking and Exhibition Essentials

Your Networking and Exhibition Essentials

It’s currently peak season for exhibitions and trade fairs. Now, how prepared is your business?

In order to win new customers and increase your sales, you need to maximise the effectiveness of your sales pitch and guarantee the visibility & impact of your brand. Get set for success this exhibition season and invest in quality local design and print. A solid marketing agenda will guarantee successful outcomes for your business at every opportunity.

The following tips will give you some food for thought when planning your marketing agenda. For friendly advice, give Admiral Design and Print a call today on 01933 443455. If you’re in Northampton, Wellingborough or Northants, why not pop in for a visit!


Tip 1: Ensure you have an effective logo & brand

A strong logo should effectively communicate your business to prospect customers, and remain memorable after first viewing.

How is your brand faring? For a design health check, give your local design team a call today on 01933 443455. Now – how can we help you?


Tip 2: Record your referrals and improve conversion

Ensure you record all your referrals and enquiries, and improve your conversion with effective follow-ups. Bespoke designed & printed NCR pads or note pads provide a perfect printed solution, allowing you to retain important information in an efficient, professional manner.

Why not reward people for referring new business opportunities? Printed referral cards are a great way to incentivise new lead generation.


Tip 3: Invest in an effective business card

Boost your logo & branding with a high-quality, bespoke business card. For more useful tips, why not check out our guide to achieving the perfect business card. Now is the time to consider: what does your business card currently say about you?


Tip 4: Stand out with banners and signage

Stop traffic during your exhibition and make an impact during a networking event. Display your products and company in style with a bespoke roller-banner.

Consider your signage and displays – do they complement your logo and convey your business in a positive light? Why not give your friendly local print team a call today for any advice, on 01933 443 455.


Tip 5: Build new relationships with promotional goods

Handing out free promotional goods will leave a lasting impression and build an instant relationship with new prospect customers. Maximise the return on the time you invest in exhibitions and networking - a free note pad, pen or calendar will give your customer a lasting record of your company and important details.

Everyone likes receiving something for free – perhaps you could hand out a promotional folder, which provides a convenient way to contain important information in one place.


Tip 6: The personal touch

During exhibitions or networking sessions, why not invest in a quality bespoke name badge? This will ensure your visitors and prospect customers remember your own name and that of your company.

Get set for your networking and exhibitions this year, and ensure your business stands out from the crowd. Contact Admiral Design and Print today: your local marketing solutions provider in Wellingborough, Northampton, Kettering and Northants.

We’ll help to guide you in the right direction, every time.

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