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Dressed for Success: Delivering the right impression with Bespoke Envelopes

Dressed for Success: Delivering the right impression with Bespoke Envelopes


Make sure your mail stands out and delivers the right impression, every time.

Invest in high-quality bespoke envelopes today and stand out in your postman’s crowded mailbag.


A splash of colour

Why not reinforce your business brand by investing in a colour envelope. Available in a range of shades and textures, they are a distinctive alternative to your standard white envelope.

Be sure to call Admiral Design and Print today on 01933 443455 for some friendly advice. We’ll help you every step of the way to pin down a perfect envelope for your business – samples are available to help guide you in the right direction.


Shaped for success

Bespoke envelopes are the perfect way to solve your packaging or filing needs. Available in a wide range of shapes and sizes, big and small, be sure to give Admiral Design and Print a call for advice on choosing the perfect envelope.


Signed, sealed, delivered

When buying bespoke envelopes, why not consider how you would like to seal your final product. It’s useful to consider the final impression you would like to convey to your customer, which will help to decide which envelopes you buy.


So, what options are available?
  • Gummed: gummed envelopes come pre-glued, and can be manually sealed by applying moisture to the envelope. The perfect solution for more personalised mail, especially bespoke Christmas Cards.
  • Self-seal: the glue on self-seal envelopes just needs a little pressure when sealing. A no-fuss, practical solution for your mailings and branded company envelopes.
  • Peel and seal: peel and seal envelopes come with a removable wrapper over the glued area. This provides a more interactive envelope experience, and can be used to convey a high-quality image for your brand in contrast to more generic self-seal envelopes.


If your mail is likely to be more bulky, consider buying envelopes with a gusset. This allows your envelope to expand and provides plenty of space for your items. Speak to your friendly local printer today – call Admiral Design and Print on 01933 443455.


Perfect pairing

It’s always good to consider your printing and marketing projects together to ensure they are designed and printed with consistency. If you’re investing in a high-quality bespoke brochure, reinforce your investment by delivering it to your customers in a distinctive envelope.

Consider the size of your final printing project and buy an envelope that provides plenty of room. If your printing is A4 or A5 in size, consider a C4 or C5 envelope – this ensures your envelope isn’t tightly packed and prone to ripping, which could risk compromising the security of your mail and damage your brand image.


Make sure your envelopes aren’t just left as an afterthought - reinforce your brand today with a high-quality bespoke envelope.

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