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Admiral Explains: The Statistics of Printing

The Statistics of Printing

The printing industry continues to play a vital role around the globe. Both at home and at work, it is hard to imagine life without print.

The BPIF have recently published some revealing statistics that demonstrate the continued importance of design and print. We decided to share these facts and figures to give you an insight on the world of printing.


The economics of printing

  • The UK printing industry turned over a total of £14.1 billion in 2014.
  • Nearly 130,000 people are employed by around 10,000 printing companies, across the UK.
  • The UK is the 5th largest printing country in the world:

The geography of printing

Printing is a UK-wide industry: the map below shows the regional impact of print:

The impact of printing

Print has a strong reputation:

  • Nearly 70% of people see physical print as more trustworthy than electronic alternatives[1].

Print is highly accessible:

  • Twice as many people respond immediately to printed direct mail than to email[2].
  • More consumers visit a web site as a result of receiving printed mail than via a search engine.


Print is sustainable

  • The paper used in the printing industry is actually very sustainable.
  • European forests have grown over 30% since 1950, thanks in part to their sensible management by paper manufacturers.
  • EU recycling rates for paper reached 77.2% in 2010, making it one of the world’s most recycled materials.
  • It was recently reported in Sweden that reading a printed newspaper can actually save 20% less carbon than reading the news online.


Print is a key component of your marketing

Invest in high-quality design and print today, and guarantee a return on your marketing spending. Reinforce your brand, build your customer relationships and ensure a successful future for your business.The evidence is here: print will add value to your business.

All images sourced from a BPIF promotional leaflet, republished for educational purpose.


Invest in high-quality, local printing today. Whether you're looking for notepads or NCR, letterheads or leaflets, give Admiral Design and Print a call on 01933 443 455.

[1] Direct Marketing Association survey of 1,200 customers, published in 2013.

[2] Millward Brown case study: Understanding Direct Mail with Neuroscience (2009).

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Mon 30th November 2015


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