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Selling products or solving problems?

Selling products or solving problems?

Within design and print, the trade press is always talking about the trends within the industry. A typical question being asked is “Are you a printing company or are you a marketing solutions provider?” In fact, it’s a question which translates very effectively to all businesses. Are you selling products and services or are you solving problems?


A simple but effective exhibition solution!


Interestingly enough, the conventional wisdom on this key question continues to evolve. Marketing schools used to preach that customers are not looking to buy products, but the benefits owning them can give. So, suppliers and manufacturers focussed on promoting features & benefits – many of them intangible, like what you should feel if you own this particular product. How will it affect the way other people think about you? You only have to see an example of advertising for a car or a fragrance to see the point.

However, it soon becomes clear that most companies could list benefits, just as easily as products. So how can you separate yourself out from the pack? Most customers will have plenty of choice of supplier. Ah, the marketing brains say! “You need a USP (Unique Selling Point or Proposition).” Something must be special about what you do and how you do it. Otherwise, why would anybody buy anything from you?

But can anything be truly unique in mature markets with many competitors? Even if you did have something unique, it can soon be copied.

Well, we now have the answer – solve problems and provide solutions. Be a “go to” company. Admiral Design & Print has taken this to heart. A recent example is printing logos on a standard garden umbrella for a company stand at an exhibition, together with some branded paper cups and leaflets. The problem is solved. The marketing solution is provided. What are the problems which you have in the marketing world?

To experience the solutions with Admiral Design & Print, contact us today on 01933 443455, e-mail us at sales@admiraldesignandprint.co.uk or fill out the enquiry form on our website. Not a design and printing company: we provide the solution to your marketing problem!


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