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You Can Touch This: Stand out with bespoke finishing

You Can Touch This: Stand out with bespoke finishing

How something feels is as important as how it looks. Why not consider investing in premium bespoke finishing, and ensure your brand stands out from the crowd.

Spot UV

Spot UV uses digital UV light to produce a layer of varnish on your printed item. The perfect option for business cards, it is a great way to give your logo a distinctive ‘shine’. It also provides a smooth and tactile contrast to non-varnished parts of your business card.

If you’re looking for an eye-catching, premium finish for your printing, look no further than Spot UV.


Thermographic printing creates raised text, resulting in a distinctive three-dimensional print finish. It is a print equivalent to engraving, and is the perfect way to make your logo or important text stand out.


Invest in foiling today and give your print a distinctive, quality finish. Foiling involves the transfer of metallic foil onto your printed item using a bespoke die, and it is usually used to highlight a company logo or important text.

Foiling is available in numerous colours, from the traditional shades of gold and silver, to blue, purple and bronze hues.


Die-cutting allows you to fully customise the shape of your printed item, in order to achieve a unique and bespoke end product. A bespoke cutting forme (die) is used to cut a unique shape on a printed surface.

With die-cutting, the possibilities are endless: speak to our experienced design team today on 01933 443 455 to see how we can help you.


The perfect way to achieve a memorable finish on your printed items, available in 3 different options: soft-touch, matt and gloss. Lamination uses heat to wrap a thin, plastic film around your printed item.

Soft-touch and matt laminates are a great way to achieve a smooth and tactile end product. Gloss laminate delivers a more shiny finish, a great way to make your printed artwork stand out from the crowd.

Bespoke Paper

Choosing unique and bespoke paper is arguably the simplest way to achieve a memorable print finish. Why not consider Conqueror to convey an image of luxury to your business stationery? Available in various shades and textures, our friendly sales team will guide you every step of the way.

To give your brand a colourful splash, why not consider bespoke coloured envelopes and stand out, every time.


You can guarantee a return on your design and print investment with bespoke print finishing. Give our experienced design team a call today on 01933 443 455 to find out more.

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Mon 26th October 2015


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