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Lord of the Rings, King of the Ring Binders!

Good design, printing and ring binders can fit together like a hand in a glove.

How could information presented in a ring binder help your business?

Training or instruction manuals, product catalogues, price lists, company policies and procedures – all lend themselves nicely to a binder with inserts. Personalising the ring binder to suit your needs is key, whether you are a training provider, manufacturer or service company. Front pocket inserts and spine labels can be customised to reinforce your company brand, contact details and the information provided.

Individual inserts can be printed to suit any purpose. This offers flexibility and economy. With digital printing, short runs are very cost effective. Contents can then be amended and updated at any time quickly and efficiently. New sections can be added and dividers can allow for easy reference. Keep your issue number up-to-date!

Another great application can be information manuals. The ring binder gives robust protection to any documentation. It can be left on a shelf, bench or desk for easy access, and then opened out on any surface. The contents are well protected. Punched pockets can be used to protect the binder inserts even more. Then, both the inserts and the binder can be wiped clean as necessary. All can be kept in perfect condition – accessible and available to all.

So, how could personalised documentation of customised information in a ring binder help your business or its customers? Quantities and sizes can suit all budgets.

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Posted by Jeff


Mon 5th October 2015


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