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Are you being served? - The importance of customer service

Are you being served?

Great customer service is often difficult to define in a single sentence.
People talk these days about the “customer experience”. This can range from the warmth of the initial greeting right through to the thank you for payment after a job well done.
So what creates good customer service or a great customer experience?
The best way to find out is to ask your customers. They will tell you what they want. Very importantly, they will also tell you what they don’t want – what they don‘t appreciate.
Feedback is everything. Feedback changes behaviour. Feedback can spark improvement in anything. In a very competitive environment, the difference between products & services may be small.
All customers have a choice. So why should they choose you?
Consistent training, robust systems and strong staff will all help.
The features of your products and services must deliver the benefits perceived or claimed. But this only gets you to the start line!
A burning desire to be better will allow you to pull away. Regular feedback will allow you to make continual improvement.
Never miss an opportunity to ask for feedback:
How did you find us? What do you think of our service? How can we improve your experience? Your customers will not only help you think about these questions, they will become loyal.
And remember to give feedback on the feedback! A simple thank you is a minimum.
Confirmation of the improvement made as a result of constructive feedback is excellent.
Outstanding customer service is within every company’s reach.
Whether it’s design, printing or any other business, customers now expect it. Ask and act on feedback, and you’ll be on your way!     
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Posted by Jeff


Mon 28th September 2015


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