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A Cake Study: 5 essential ingredients for your brand

Admiral Design and Print recently helped a local bakery to create their business brand

The newly-launched Much A Dough Bakery in Raunds were in need of a distinctive brand for their signage, packaging and overall business identity.

Admiral Design and Print worked with business owner Leslie Kitchen to create a memorable and effective brand, working together to achieve business success.

Here are our 5 key ingredients for a strong brand.


Tip 1: The importance of a strong brief

When planning your design, make sure you develop a clear idea of how you want your brand to look.

Consider where your logo will be used, and also make sure your new brand clearly communicates your company's values and services in the best possible light.

Our designers always value your input - why not draw up a few sketches which will express your ideas on paper.

A clear, coherent brand strategy will make sure the final end product meets your exact requirements - and then goes on to deliver your business goals.


Tip 2: Keep things simple

The best logos and brands are incredibly simple.

Consider famous logos such as Apple, Nike and the BBC. All these brands have a clear and versatile identity: they are instantly recognisable around the world, but are remarkably uncomplicated.

When it comes to your brand, simple is better. Stand out from the crowd - communicate your company identity, products and contact details as clearly as possible.

Avoid cluttering your logo with irrelevant images or text. Font choice is also crucial: a wrong decision on your font could risk conveying a poor image.

Give Admiral Design and Print a call today on 01933 443 455. Our designers will help to guide you in the right direction - working with you at all times to deliver a distinctive final design.


Tip 3: Consider your audience

The following 4 W's are a useful way to perfect your brand.

Consider the following questions when designing your logo:

  •  Who is your customer base? - consider who you want to work with and to whom you intend to target your promotions and products at.
  •  Why should anyone buy your products? - consider your unique selling points and then incorporate these into your company identity.
  •  What separates you from the crowd? - consider your competition: what makes your business better than them. Make sure your brand clearly stands out from the crowd and inspires customers to work with you, every time.
  •  Where will your logo be displayed? - a versatile logo will be suitable for you to use in many different places. Whether you're looking for packaging, leaflets, shop signs or roller banners, our design team will work with you to deliver a high-impact logo suitable for many different uses.


Tip 4: Stand out - add your own creative flair

Much a Dough Bakery's logo contains a distinctive image of wheat which stands out and provides an extra element of creative flair.

This was hand-drawn by the customer, which Admiral's design team then scanned and incorporated into the final design.

Our design team have over 40 years experience at perfecting the perfect logo - give us a call today on 01933 443 455 and stand out from the crowd.


Tip 5: Don't be shy - ask for feedback

Before you launch your business brand, be sure to ask feedback from your colleagues, customers or even family members.

Ask them for honest feedback - good or bad.

Constructive criticism will help to guide your brand in the right direction - ensuring a distinctive and long-lasting final design.

You can then have faith in your brand, allowing you to confidently win customers and begin your journey to business success.

PS. Why not give Much A' Dough Bakery a visit and sample their delicious range. You can get in touch: 01933 551273.

Posted by Ash


Mon 21st September 2015


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