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Branded Envelopes: Stand out from the crowd

How do you get your non-digital communications to your customers? For most of us we place the documents within an envelope and send it in the post. Within the business world it is all about first impressions. Don’t miss out on a chance to advertise your business and enforce your company’s brand – Stand out from the crowd and invest in business branded envelopes.

A branded envelope with your company’s tagline, logo and colour scheme will help to improve your credibility and form trust with the recipient. This is especially true when the communication requires a serious or urgent response.

Stand out from the crowd & motivate opens:
When your customers and contacts check their mail in the morning, you often see a heap of mundane standard white envelopes. By opting to add your business branding, logo and colours to your envelope it will instantly capture the attention of your customer. This will increase the chance of your mailshot being opened.

Alternatively you can ask intriguing questions on the outside of your envelope that customers will want to know the answer to, then promise the answer inside.

More than just a message carrier:
Envelopes are not just a device to carry documents; they are marketing pieces in their own right. The design on your envelope can send a message, and reinforce your branding. The envelope can pre-sell your products before the customer has even opened the envelope. Or you can cross sell and remind your customers what else you can offer.

Envelopes are the first thing your customer will see, so pay close attention to your envelope and ask yourself if a standard white envelope good enough for your mailshot or your day to day mail?

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Mon 31st August 2015


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