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Getting Started: Choosing the right paper weight and finish for your business printing

Choosing the right paper weight and finish can be tricky as there’s so much to choose from. Paper weight, or paper ‘grade’, can say a lot more about your company than you may think. Generally speaking, heavier paper conveys a sense of quality and durability, but this isn’t suitable for all business printing jobs. We’ve got five quick tips for you on how to choose the right paper weight and finish for your business printing.

  1. The purpose of the printed product. The first step is to consider the purpose and use of the item.  For example, a business card will need to be thick, around 300gsm to 350gsm would be suitable, so it’s much more sturdier like a piece of card.  It needs to be durable and stay looking as good as it was on the day it was printed; a thicker paper weight will help with this. Often when business cards are handed out they are put in pockets, handbags or filed away amongst other papers: so they need to be robust. 
    Alternatively, the thickness of flyers typically range between 130gsm and 170gsm, as thickness is much less important. Leaflets will tend to be between 170gsm and 250gsm so the colour doesn’t split at the fold. Leaflets and flyers are typically not meant to be as durable as business cards so they can be printed on thinner material. Also, your flyers must be practical for your method of distribution to your customers.
  2. Postage costs. If you are sending anything out in large qualities via post, consider the costs of doing so. It’s not just the weight of the post that needs to be considered, but also the size of the package/envelope. For example, if your business is looking to send out Christmas cards via the post, you will need a card that fits standard postage sizes and weights, but that is also thick enough to stand up on your customers desk!
  3. The environment. If you are keen to promote an eco-friendly image, consider using recycled paper. This doesn’t mean you need to compromise on quality – at Admiral we have access to a wide range of recycled papers: papers with carbon offset amongst others. Talk to our team to discuss your needs.
  4. What feel are you trying to create? This is particularly important when considering the finish.  Silk or gloss are popular choices for leaflets & brochures. Silk creates a smooth, delicately embossed finish with a sheen, whereas gloss results in a more polished look and allows ink to dry quickly. Have you considered laminating your paper? This can seal in the colour and give the printed material increased stability. This is a perfect option for flyers, brochures and other forms of visual printing. Also remember when you need to write on your documents, or over print on to them; you will want to consider an uncoated stock for note pads or a stock designed for pre printing for your letterheads or compliment slips.
  5. Cost. As with everything, businesses need to weigh up the gains over costs when choosing the finish and paper thickness for their business printing.  We will advise you how to get the most from your budget whilst still meeting your printing needs.

Contact us today and tell us what you’re looking for. We will provide you with guidance and expertise needed for your business printing needs.

Posted by Ash


Mon 20th July 2015


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