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Investing in young creative talent

Budding young designer Carwyn Bradbury has put his design skills to the test at the Admiral Design and Print studio.

As lead designer at Admiral I made the decision to offer a two week work placement that would help a student understand the print and design profession and help them directionally as far as their chosen career path is concerned. Carwyn, our selected student, aged 17, currently studies at Sir Christopher Hatton School in Wellingborough.

When you think about your future in design and print as a youngster, there are so many unanswered questions that you need to explore. For example here are a few of the questions Carwyn wanted answered.

  1. How are projects managed and structured during the design process?
  2. When using professional graphics software such as Adobe’s Indesign are there any issues to look out for when using spot colours for a two colour print job?
  3. Once a design has been created what is the physical process of turning a digital file in to the final printed item? Especially for spot colour print jobs.
  4. How are print jobs set-up for special finishes such as spot UV or die cutting?

During the two weeks at Admiral, Carwyn showed plenty of enthusiasm from day one to learn from the design and print team. We briefed Carwyn on a few projects which he could develop from initial concepts to completed design. He came up with a series of fantastic ideas that were presented to the live clients, and they loved them! (Some even placing the proof items up on display until the final product was shipped!)

We were so pleased with Carwyn’s contribution and his curiosity into the design process that we invited him back to Admiral Design and Print to work over the summer holidays. Also after his two weeks at Admiral we presented Carwyn with a book based on Print Production techniques to help him progress his studies.

Sarah presenting Carywn with the book named The Production Manual

Well done Carwyn!
From Sarah and all of us at Admiral Design and Print.

Posted by Sarah


Thu 2nd July 2015


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