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Getting Started with Business Branding

Choosing the right image for your company brand is vital. You need to be able to confidently put your business ‘out there’, knowing that your brand gives the right impression and attract the right sort of interest. Not only that, your business branding need to ensure that your customers, or potential customers, remember who you are, and for all the right reasons!

Your business brand will be used everywhere. It will be on business cards, brochures, in your email signature and on social media. That’s why it is so important to get it right.
We have listed a few things you should think about when getting started:

What feeling do you want to create?
The place to start with business branding is to consider the impression you want to give to customers or prospects. For example, do you want your business to show off its quirkiness? Maybe you are trying to convey a sense of luxury or class? 

Decide your colours – and stick to them.
Pick a few colours at most and make them your ‘signature colours’. If you have no idea where to start, maybe find a picture or photo that gives YOU the impression that you want to convey to YOUR customers. 
When it comes to choosing colours, another thing to consider is how it will look on a white background if the wording or logo is to be used in your email signature. You may also want to think about how it will look printed in black, as many offices limit colour printing. 

Choosing the right font.
This is as important as choosing your colours. You need the font to be legible, and suitable for your business. For example, a solicitor may prefer to use a formal font such as Times New Roman or Georgia, whereas a more relaxed company may choose something like Calibri or Tahoma. Your font style will need to be web friendly too, so your website can match your printed products.

Branding and printed material. 
It’s important that all of your printed business materials feature your branding consistently and clearly. Each piece of printed material has a different purpose, so the design becomes even more important. You may want to use a banner at an exhibition -  this will need to stand out from the crowd and may feature much bolder colours than your brochure. A banner is likely to be accompanied by a member of your team who is available to your customers and prospects, so the banner may feature your website address, phone number and social media links at the most. 

A brochure on the other hand needs to be more info-rich, with plenty of text and images, as it is likely to be taken away by prospects to peruse at their own leisure. Brochures may also feature information and contact details for multiple divisions of your business, or even team members. Knowing what information to include on these printed materials, and how to lay it out whilst keeping your branding consistent is difficult; but that’s where we can help.  

At Admiral Design and Print, we understand the importance of consistent, quality branding. Our studio have over 40 years’ experience in helping customers with their business branding and design. We can help your business too. 
Our design team would love to hear from you – you can bring along your ideas, and we can work together to create the perfect look and feel for your business. 

We look forward to hearing from you – call us on 01933 443455.

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Tue 30th June 2015


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