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Five Ways To Make Your Leaflets and Flyers Stand Out

Flyers and leaflets are the perfect way to get your message seen quickly, so the importance of getting them right first time should be a top priority. They are cost effective and versatile, so whatever you want to promote - whether it’s getting your brand known, or perhaps a specific offer running right now – they are a perfect option.

  1. Branding, unsurprisingly is number one.  You want people to know exactly who you are and what you stand for the second they pick up your leaflet or flyer.  With colour leaflets and flyers we can match individual branding exactly, giving the perfect first impression. We’re one the few
  2. Keep it Short and Sweet (K.I.S.S.) – You’re going to need a strong catchy title, as well as relevant content that gets straight to the point.  Be clear and concise, and consider your audience so you can tailor your language to the most appropriate style.  Try to come to the conclusion earlier rather than later that you’re probably not going to be able to fit in everything that you want to say on your flyer. 
  3. Finally, a good trick is to include an incentive for the potential customer to retain the leaflet – such as vouchers or money off when they bring the leaflet into your store or place an order – as well as providing an extra benefit to your audience, it’s a simple way to monitor the effectiveness of your printing campaign.
  4. Images and your use of colour is next on the list.  Consider logos and the products or services that you offer.  Images can say more than words, so choose them carefully, and make sure they reinforce the message you’re trying to say. Make sure it matches your branding, you want to send out a clear message of who you are, and stick to it.
  5. Ensure you have good quality printing.  All too often you see poor quality leaflets, and all too often they end up straight in the recycling bin.  Instead of falling into this demographic, show your audience that you care, and that you’ve done your research.  If you’re reading this then you’re definitely on the right track, so why not let us help you further and take you the rest of the way? Have a look at our portfolio to see the pride we take in our work.
  6. And finally, don’t underestimate the power of paper quality.  The paper type and thickness (weight) can really make a difference to how your audience perceives your business.  Don’t waste all your hard work by printing your leaflets or flyers onto paper that feels low quality.

It might seem obvious but we can provide a top quality service to combat the final two points listed here, but don’t forget about our design services too.  Our dedicated team offers a personal service that extends right through the design process, making your leaflet or flyer work hard for you and hopefully achieve exactly what you want it to. 

Any questions are welcome, so please get in touch.


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Tue 9th June 2015


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