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Presentation Tips: How to Make Your Presentation Make an Impact

What tips can you give me to make my presentations more effective? How do I gain long-term results from a single presentation?

The two questions above pose a common dilemma for someone making a presentation or pitch.

As the old saying goes: you have only 30 seconds to make an impact.

Whether you are pitching a product, trying to win more sales or planning a strategy with your customer, it is vital you make an immediate impact with your presentation.

An effective presentation should leave an indelible mark on an audience. If they remember you, the details in your presentation, or preferably both, you are on to a winner.

Here at Admiral, our aim is to help you make that lasting impression. Here are some of our tips on how to get the most from a presentation and how to make a lasting impact:

Presentation Tip No. 1: Quality design = a lasting impact

Investing in high quality, distinctive design will give you the edge over competitors.

Make an impression even before you start your presentation – a bespoke logo will attract people’s attention from the moment they see it.

How are you presenting your sales figures, or crucial product information?

Why not consider a facelift for your brand, brochures or business cards to stand out and ensure you make a lasting impression.

Give the Admiral design team a call today on 01933 443 455. We have over 40 years of industry experience, and we will work with you to deliver a distinctive and effective bespoke design that not only portrays your brand in the best possible light, but that also makes an impact. Find out more about our design service here.

Presentation Tip No. 2: Boost your presentation with visual aids

Research tells us that the majority of face-to-face communication is non-verbal. No matter what you are saying, words only ever account for 7% of the message delivered during a presentation.

Your body language is crucial when trying to deliver an effective presentation – accounting for 55% of your overall message. Use this to your advantage and make that instant impression: invest in visual aids.

Here at Admiral, we understand the importance of visual aids and we’re experienced at meeting your exact requirements.

Roller banners are a great way to boost your presentation. Reinforce your brand, confirm your business details and compliment your pitch with a visual reference.  Our designers will double-check your artwork to ensure a high quality and memorable end product. You can read more about our banner and exhibition material design and print service here.

Strut cards and posters can also provide visual assistance to your presentation. Harness the power of non-verbal communication by investing in a distinctive visual reminder of your products; rather than describing them, show them.

Finally, why not invest in a quality business card? It is the perfect way to close a presentation, giving your customer a lasting reminder of your brand and details. Find out about our bespoke business card design and print service here.

Presentation Tip No. 3: Invest in bespoke folders and packaging

Display your products in style and with simplicity to make an instant professional impression.

Whether it’s a bespoke folder, customised labels, boxes or packaging – we can help.

Here at Admiral, we’ll take the time to understand and meet your exact requirements. We listen to your brief, find out about your brand and audience before creating something that works for you and your market.

Give Admiral Design and Print a call today on 01933 443 455.

We’ll help you to deliver an effective presentation, giving you that final boost to achieve your goals. 

Posted by Ash


Tue 26th May 2015


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