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What makes the best brochure? 10 tips for designing and printing your best brochure yet.

1.Know your customer. Sounds obvious we know, but it’s so important you have a grasp of what your customers need in order to put together a brochure that will drive sales and enquiries. Highlight, and feature prominently, what’s important to them on all relevant pages of your brochure.

2.Make the right first impression. If you are selling high end, luxury furniture it will be important that your brochure has the look and feel customers expect. A brochure with thin pages is likely to feel flimsy in the prospect’s hands, and won’t give off any ‘luxury’ or ‘quality’ vibes.

3.Highlight the benefits as well as features. When you’re writing about the features of your service or products you should also write about benefits to the customer as well. For example, if you are a dentist promoting cosmetic dentistry (e.g. braces) you may be inclined to write something like “Straighter, whiter teeth” – which is a feature of the service they provide, the benefit of it though might be something like “Improve your confidence, and feel good about smiling again with straighter, whiter teeth.“

4.Use good quality images. Don’t underestimate the importance of images – as they say, a picture tells a thousand words. If you use low quality images, it will reflect poorly on your products and/or services, and will bring down the quality of your brochure.

5.Use a clear layout and design. You are likely to want to include lots of information in your brochure, and it’s very easy to end up with a brochure that’s cluttered and too busy. Lay things out clearly, with quality images, headlines and short snappy content, perhaps lay out content in bullet points, doing this makes it is easy for people to scan and digest everything you have to say.

6.Add a clear to call action. After highlighting your products and services with features and benefits that really appeal to them, you need to make sure your call to action is very clear. You might feature a phone number, email address, website URL and open hours on all pages. Also remember to tell your prospects to call or contact you now, don’t just assume they will.

7.Use powerful words that resonate. Pick out key words that are going to hit home with your prospects, and make these stand out, or feature them in headlines. These words might be “Free” (e.g. Free consultation) or “Guarantee” (e.g. 2 year parts and labour guarantee) and so on.

8.Stand out from your competitors. We are all working in a competitive market, and it’s important that your brochure emphasises what makes you better from your competitors. Whether that’s support available for 365 days a year, or dedicated account managers or even a price guarantee, make sure this is easy to see and is featured prominently in your brochure.

9.Have an online version. It’s never been more important to have an online presence as it is now. If you feature content in your brochures that is not on your website consider creating an online version of your brochure.

10.Enlist an expert’s help. To be absolutely sure you have the best brochure design, layout and print techniques selected, work with an experienced provider. Admiral Design and Print, have decades of combined experience that will be used to benefit your business. We are able to design a brochure that will generate interest and will be able to advise on print finishes that really set you apart from the competition.

Get in touch with the Admiral Design and Print team to see how we can make your next brochure your best one yet. 

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Thu 14th May 2015


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