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Quality Promotional Material: a worthwhile investment?

How do you know your investment in promotional items is worthwhile?

An interesting question! I remember the old story from a marketing manager, who said :
“Half of our marketing budget is wasted, We just don’t know which half!”

A product which is well designed and printed can position your company for success. Brochures, banners, folders, leaflets, posters or postcards are part of the wide choice available. The key is to market, test and measure. Whatever you do, make sure you’re proud of what you give to your customers or send out to your prospects.

The design should be attractive and eye-catching – something to get you noticed and separate you out from the pack. The content should be interesting and informative explaining benefits with a strong call to action. Even the “lowly” jotter pad can prove to be the best “bang for your buck”. A small investment in a well-designed note pad can pay dividends, staying on your customer or prospect’s desk for longer.

Good printed promotional items will also drive more traffic to your website.

Studies confirm that people are twice as likely to visit your website if they have received a printed item first, rather than just an internet search. Web visitors will then stay twice as long, looking at twice as many pages. So, making “cross-media” (both physical print and electronic) marketing part of your approach is well worth considering. This can easily be tested with a short run of flyers.

Whatever you do, set the budget, make the investment and track the results. Out of sight is definitely out of mind. Those companies which keep promoting themselves well in a crowded market place will pick up the work which is out there.

Let's get started:

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Posted by The Admiral (not verified)


Thu 14th August 2014


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