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Look good and stand out: The importance of quality business stationery

Does your business stationery make you look good?

Your business stationery sends out an important message about your company. A matching set of letterheads, compliments slips and business cards demonstrates professionalism and quality. Care and attention may be just what your customers and prospects are looking for. Setting a well-designed logo with a stylish layout is a good idea for your business stationery. This will back-up and reinforce everything you do – it’s vital to look the part before someone will give you a chance to act the part.

Initial impressions count for a lot.

There is a great choice of material, texture, colour and weight to ensure you’re different from your competitors. Even a branded envelope with your company logo may be all that is necessary to get your company noticed.

Are you proud of your business stationery, in particular your business card? Your business card is a reflection of you and your company. You need to feel good about handing out your business card. Does it reflect the right quality? Does it convey the right impression of you and what you do? If not, talk to a good design and printing company.

The investment in time and money will pay back quickly by reassuring your customers. So, whether it’s your letterheads, compliments slips, envelopes, business cards or even a company brochure make sure you look good on paper!

Pick you starting point:

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Fri 25th July 2014


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