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How are you facing the challenges of 2014? It’s like shoe shopping…

Are you stepping forward in the same shoes as the year before? You can patch them up if they leak can’t you?
When was the last time you looked at your website, your logo, your stationery, your marketing strategy?

You may think you are saving money by not spending on marketing and your company’s image, but from the potential customers’ point of view your brand may look dated or tired and your website, unprofessional compared with your competitors. Take a look at what you can afford and then make the decision to freshen up where you can and you may be surprised by the positive feedback.
Ask Admiral Design & Print for our unbiased advice on how we could help you put some energy back into your business.

Have you gone for the cheap and cheerful budget shoes? You know they will be painful and won’t last that long, but your heart isn’t really in it, it's all you can afford though and you won’t have lost that much if you end up throwing them away… Really?
Are you too busy to properly look into investing in your company, so you feel rushed into buying something that looks cheaply priced? If it doesn’t work out, you won’t have invested that much money in it so it doesn’t matter does it?
Looking at this approach realistically, you may not have spent that much, but it was ill researched and doomed to failure, therefore leaving you in a worse position than before.
If you are too busy to look into how to spend your marketing or branding funds this year, you can rely on Admiral Design & Print to give you the best advice on where you can make use of your money to enhance your business and support your brand image.

Are you trying out a new pair once a week to see if you like them?
Sounds like you have not found shoes that are a comfortable fit.
Maybe the reality has not turned out to be how you hoped, leaving you disappointed.
Do you need a company who will make the whole experience easier to understand and more comfortable by being open, honest and friendly? We have helped many clients and have taken the fear out of design and print buying, resulting in long lasting and successful business relationships.

Have you bought your long desired pair of Jimmy Choos but are too scared of breaking them to put them on?
You have jumped in the deep end with an all singing, all dancing, super expensive website and marketing plan, but you leave it alone through either fear, lack of time or interest.
Admiral Design & Print can help you by suggesting a yearly plan for maintaining your presence in your market and engaging potential customers in the most effective manner. If you need our advice, we are here to help.

Or have you made a considered, sensible choice in footwear that you know you can stick with for a while and get the most out of them for the value that you paid?
When you form a partnership with Admiral Design & Print, you will experience the difference a good Design and Print company can make to your business.
We aren’t interested in getting as much money out of you as possible. We want you to succeed and to help you in that success.

If you find Design and Print an unknown daunting process, just give us a call or come by and meet us and we will give you the benefit of every ounce of our experience we have to offer, leaving you enlightened and confident that you have made the right choice. 01933 443455

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Wed 19th February 2014


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