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How Valuable is Your Time?

I have found myself in a situation recently when this question came to the forefront – if not directly, then subliminally.

I was in a meeting with a new client and we were going through the finer points of completing a logo. Whilst working, she mentioned the issues she had with her logo from a previous supplier. There was talk of Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn and how she was having issues with getting her logo on these sites.

The issue was obvious:
This client is a busy woman, running a flourishing business with many things to do daily.
She has the equipment and software to run her business successfully.
Does she really need to add software and image issues to her list when she has a helpful and competent Design team at her disposal? No.

I offered a solution. With the new logo that we created, I would supply her with versions suitable for uploading for each of these sites, plus any other format that she may require in the future.
Is this a service that we would charge for? Of course not. We are happy to help.
The result was that she was relieved and had some of the pressure taken off her by having the right person achieve this necessary task with the right software and ability for her, leaving her to focus on what she is good at which is running her business.
Therefore we were the solution to her problem. Her time was too precious to waste on tasks that were outside her scope.

Adding Admiral Design & Print to your team means that alongside our professional skills and outlook, you will also gain a design and print team who are happy to go that extra mile to make your life easier. Need a quick change to a business card, or your logo in a different format? You are more than welcome to benefit from these requests free of charge.

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Tue 11th February 2014


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