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The Admiral Alphabet

What’s the best way of informing your customers about your products & services?

We’ve come up with the Admiral Alphabet! An A to Z of the design & printing products we can supply some letters offered quite a challenge!

The Admiral Alphabet

a-alphabet-letters.png Advertisements, Artwork, Advice, Annual Reports

b-alphabet-letters.png Booklets, Brochures, Branding, Business Cards

c-alphabet-letters.png Compliment Slips, Christmas Cards, Calendars

d-alphabet-letters.png Design, Display Stands, Delivery Notes, Desk Pads

e-alphabet-letters.png Envelopes, Exhibition Design

f-alphabet-letters.png Folders, Flyers & Forms

g-alphabet-letters.png Greetings Cards

h-alphabet-letters.png Handy Notepads

i-alphabet-letters.png Invoices, Invitations

j-alphabet-letters.png Jotter Pads

k-alphabet-letters.png Kiss & Tell! (print a case study to show how you solve your customers’ problems)

l-alphabet-letters.png Logos, Letterheads, Leaflets, Labels

m-alphabet-letters.png Marketing Materials, Magazines, Menus

n-alphabet-letters.png Newsletters, Notepads, New Business starter packs, Numbered NCR forms

o-alphabet-letters.png Order Forms, Order of Service

p-alphabet-letters.png Posters, Postcards, Prospectuses

q-alphabet-letters.png QSL Cards, Quick Quotes

r-alphabet-letters.png Roller Banners, Receipt Pads

s-alphabet-letters.png Stationery, Signage, Stickers, Special Offers

t-alphabet-letters.png Tickets

u-alphabet-letters.png Update your image/brand

v-alphabet-letters.png Vouchers

w-alphabet-letters.png Wedding stationery

x-alphabet-letters.png Xmas Cards

y-alphabet-letters.png You’ll get better service at Admiral!

z-alphabet-letters.png ….zzzzzz…. Designs that won’t send your customers to sleep

What’s your alphabet? What would your alphabet look like & What do you think of ours?

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Mon 6th January 2014


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