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Admiral Explains: Three ways to strengthen your brand

You and your staff have many of the answers needed to keep you ahead of the competition.

You just need to have the right approach and ask the right questions. By putting these three easy steps into place, you can give your business a stronger proposition.


1. Take the time to step away from your business and see what the competition is doing.
If you already have an established business, your own brand will be scrutinised by the competition. Your competition will be looking to take all the positives about your brand and will look to refine and improve them for themselves. Staying ahead of the competition means just that, but you must know what they are up to, to be able to do it. So, don’t get too comfortable, even if you are doing good business, there’s always someone who wants to take your customers away.

Take a look behind you – to see who’s catching up
Take a look ahead of you – to see how to catch up

2. Your staff can be the key to strengthening your brand.
Those members of staff who have contact with your customers have the perfect opportunity to find out what customers really think about your business. Be prepared for good and bad feedback – this information can develop your relationship with the customer and strengthen your brand. Simple questions can generate feedback for your marketing team:

  • Are you happy with our product and service?
  • How do you think we can improve our product or service?
  • Are you aware of our other products?

There are many simple questions that can develop your brand. The point is:

  • Are they being asked?
  • Are the answers being shared with the right people?
  • How often should they be asked?


3. Do members of staff believe in your brand?
Why not ask them? They might give you new ideas or even solve a problem or two. But most importantly, if there is any negativity – it’s time to address it! If your team has doubts, what affect can that have on your business?

If you can deliver excellent service and an excellent product then you have the perfect ingredients to develop a brand with substance. A brand that all team members can believe in breeds confidence.

Wouldn’t it be great if your team believed in the same message? You might even notice a change in attitude, a positive attitude where staff feel confident enough to develop, engage and communicate more creatively.

Why not action the above and ask our design team to help you implement the results!

Posted by Jan


Mon 23rd September 2013


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