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Embracing the QR code revolution

The evolution of cross media interactivity.

A man picks up a marketing leaflet for a company. Amongst the well-presented content is an opportunity to obtain a 25% discount voucher by scanning a QR (Quick Response) code. He scans the QR code with a smartphone and gets his voucher; the company gets his contact details and a potential new customer.

QR codes are the black and white squares appearing everywhere. These clever little squares instantly link offline and online information and much more. Why fiddle with finger-led input on a smartphone when a simple scan gives instant access to the information required? QR codes are made for our instant access society.

The codes are utilised by the world’s largest organisations, including Tesco, Facebook, Coca Cola and Toyota. As the business world learns about their functionality, their use spreads.
Welcome to the QR code revolution!

The print industry is at the forefront of this revolution. QR codes can be printed on almost any material, adding real value to any business. To set up QR codes requires no financial investment. The code can be designed and activated in minutes. The only logical reason for not already implementing them is lack of understanding of QR codes and what they can do.

QR codes link the offline with both online and text content. They open up a whole new world of marketing options for virtually every business.
From a website page, video, voucher, Facebook, order page and many others, the list of what can be linked to a QR code is virtually endless.

If you would like help to understand what QR codes can do for your business, contact Admiral today on 01933 443455, e-mail sales@admiraldesignandprint.co.uk Or Scan the QR code below to use our contact form!

Posted by Jeff


Wed 31st July 2013


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