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Are you making the most of your local marketing?

Promote yourselves locally with the right tools and create thousands of pounds of new business.

Ask yourself this… before the internet people used to introduce themselves to other business by sending or dropping off brochures and promotional items.

This worked for many years and now seems be taking a back seat to the internet. Should your business rely solely on the internet to generate new business, or should you look to mix new marketing methods with more traditional methods?

Here are the advantages to visiting potential customers:

  • You have an advantage over businesses that are further away because you can service the account better.
  • You might get to speak to the buyer or at worst get the buyer’s name.
  • You are letting your potential customer know that you like doing business face to face.
  • The personality of your business can shine through in the form of a short, personal, concise introduction.
  • You can leave a promotional pack with the potential customer, this might include something they can use like a jotter pad or calendar or a brochure.

These will serve to remind the customer of your services and products over the course of the year.

People buy from people so why not try and meet them face to face?

Where’s the evidence I here you ask?

Well, I tried this myself over a 2 week period and opened three new accounts. The value of these customers over the next 12 months will be approximately £7k+ (not bad for my first stab at local marketing). I also established a number of warm leads that could bear fruit in the near future. In the back of my mind I’m thinking, what could I achieve if I dedicated more time to this more traditional approach? It’s worth mentioning at this point that each of my new clients visited our website after our meeting . . . you see, a traditional approach and modern approach can work together to build a strong customer base.

To organise a meeting or just to chat about your promotional materials and options just ring Admiral Design and Print on 01933 44 34 55 or email sales@admiraldesignandprint.co.uk

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Wed 10th July 2013


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