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How many people purchase as a result of receiving a brochure?

A new study from Royal Mail’s MarketReach has found that the benefits of having a brochure can be instant, with 60% of people making a purchase as a result of receiving one.

The study looked into the role of printed brochures in the digital age, analysing how brochures can help drive website engagement.

Its findings are hugely encouraging and very positive for anyone sending out brochures or catalogues :

  • 50% of people confirmed that brochures are a convenient way to review products & services
  • More than a third (36%) said that browsing printed brochures allows them to compare products before a purchase.

Furthermore, when customers with brochures or catalogues go online, they look at more than double the number of pages viewed by the average person per visit.
They also spend double the amount of time on the website than the average site visitor.

The message seems simple :

“Don’t try to make your brochure into new media. Have new media come to your brochure.”

Further research has found that the use of multiple channels (cross-media) can improve response rate by as much as 34%.

Results worth taking seriously.

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Posted by Jeff


Mon 17th June 2013


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