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How to add value to your start-up

Does your business have a good answer to this question?

It will serve you well to have one and make it known. All start-up companies and young businesses need help with products & services. Building a relationship early can often lead to a long term partnership.

To illustrate the point, here’s Admirals Design and Print’s answer:-


Every business has an image – a brand.

Whether a simple typeface or a memorable logo, your design will create an initial and lasting impression with customers. Your design will then back up and reinforce everything you do.
Research suggests that every £1 spent on good design repays £9 with increased recognition, enquiries, referrals and sales. Admiral Design & Print can help create the right image at a budget to suit all pockets.


Every business needs to promote itself.

Whether business cards to brochures or letterheads to leaflets, high quality printed items have a part to play. Again, your print will back up and reinforce everything you do. A quick, convenient, reliable supply gives you the time to run and promote your business. Choose Admiral Design & Print as your helpful partner.

So whats’ your answer to the title question?
Please let us know!

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Posted by Jeff


Mon 20th May 2013


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